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If you didn’t know it already, iPas2 (The Internet Prospect Acceleration System) has to be one of the most anticipated work from home systems for 2014 and for good reason… this one actually works!

It’s also really, really simple…

Certainly making money on the internet these days is no longer as simple as throwing up an opt-in form, building a list, and pulling a few offers together. Instead it requires a lot more time, money and careful planning to really be successful at it.

This is where iPas2 steps in…

On the front end the system has a very powerful high converting sales funnel that takes you through three very well thought out products, the main one being the system itself. However these are presented as the $7 tripwire (trial offer), the $47 Core product (The iPas2 System) and the $97 up-sell, (which is some very comprehensive training from co creator Chris Jones).

However, I’m sure you’ll agree this isn’t going to make you the big money that the guru’s earn. After all, even if you earned 100% from the three front end offers, this isn’t ever where the big money is made.

Where The Big Money is MadeTop Money Making Systems

Where the BIG money is made is on the much bigger back-end offers. These are also the offers that aren’t usually visible or available to affiliates when selling most of these kinds of products. This (just in case you didn’t know it already) is also how many unscrupulous gurus take advantage of your list, keeping you poor, and making themselves rich.

This is also where iPas2 really has something different to offer compared to most other kinds of work from home systems.

As well as the three front end products, there are also three back-end products with each one having the potential to earn you $200.00, $1600.00 or $3000.00.

So if somebody purchased the three front end offers and the three back-end offers, you would be looking at a total profit of up to $102 (70% in this instance) on the front-end and $4800.00 (90%)on the back-end, so almost $5000.00 in total!

As you can see, the difference between the front-end sales normally handed down to the affiliate, and the back-end sales normally reserved for the guru is HUGE! …But did you also notice with iPas2 who’s earning the lions share?

This is what truly sets iPas2 apart from the competition. Not only are you getting access to the more lucrative back-end offers, you also get to keep the lion’s share of the profits!

sales-funnel-graphic-1A Well Qualified Sales Funnel

Let me be clear, I’ve been in Internet Marketing since 2010 and I can tell you without reservation there is absolutely NO OTHER system out there that offers such a well-qualified sales funnel on both the front-end and back-end, with high conversion rates, that gives YOU almost all of the profits.

The only caveat is that because this operates almost like a franchise (which is why you earn close to 100% on the back-end) you do have to purchase the business itself up front ‘Boom’ huge downer, right? …wrong!

Let me explain…

When I first started out with iPas2 I made it clear to myself there was no way I was parting with $5k ‘just to see’ if it worked. So… I came up with a plan.

The plan was quite simple. I would buy the entry level pro package at $322.00 (easily manageable without breaking into a sweat) achieve my first ‘few’ sales at pro level. Once I did this (and it hasn’t been particularly difficult) it then gave me the confidence (and some cash) to move up to silver. It’s then been very possible to do the same again for gold, and finally black.

It’s worth noting though that if you’re at a lower level, and one of your prospects comes in and buys at a higher level, then you’ll only make the sale for the level you’re at. The remaining commissions will then be passed up to your sponsor, or whoever you signed-up through.

However, once you reach the top of that funnel, every single sale that comes your way thereafter is yours, and trust me, those back-end sales DO exist, (hence the reason why there are so many rich guru’s!). I also think the cost for a franchise style business, even at the higher black level is still extremely low for this type of business model, after all, this is just like a digital McDonald’s, but without the $250k price tag!

All in all, the value of a professionally engineered sales funnel with absolutely all the work done for you, including traffic generation at Gold level, and Sales people who follow up and close for you at black level, is perhaps why in my book iPas2 isn’t just the best Franchise Style business in a box so to speak, it’s also the most successful, with some real tangible benefits for a change instead of just the usual ‘thin air’ promises.

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