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Top Tips for Making Money Online



guide-to-making-money-onlineEveryone wants to know the “secret” to getting rich on the internet. While it’s never that simple, the fact is you can make much more than just a few pounds or dollars online. But in order to start making money online, you have to invest in your idea and have some passion about it. There's no lazy or “fast” way to make money online. So don’t believe anyone trying to tell you otherwise.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that the two most popular searches online are “how to make money online” and “how to lose weight.” Think about it: it makes perfect sense. People always want to be thinner and wealthier, right? However what most people find when they try to learn about making money online is plain hype and fluff.

The true “secret” to making money online is the same secret to making money anywhere else: you have to have some knowledge first. The most successful entrepreneurs online first came to the table to learn. They came with an idea, product, or company in mind. They simply invested in learning how everything worked. Then idea came after idea during the learning process.

To make money online, you need not be some kind of savant. You need only to learn and apply the fundamental skills.

Some of these skills are also thing you need in the offline world, like planning and strategy. Others are things unique to the online world such as SEO, structured SEO processes, and mobile SEO; link building; conversion efficiency; keyword research; video marketing; permission based email marketing; on-page optimization; social media and engagement; site construction; content marketing; and sales funnel creation.Scratching Head

If you are scratching your head, don’t worry. Give yourself some time and you’ll soon be tossing that jargon around like it’s your first language. And a lot of these terms refer to tasks that are “once and done.” In other words, once you do them the first time, you don’t have to keep going back and redoing them.

Content marketing is ongoing. So your video and content sharing, blogging, and other content marketing efforts on social media platforms require maintenance. These are the cornerstone of the foundational knowledge you will keep applying over and over. Another part of your path to success when making money online is tied to trust. You need search engines and people to trust you.

There are no easy streets to online success. There is only the time, effort, and know-how.

Ok, so let’s take a closer look at some of the key fundamental skills you’ll need to succeed when making money online this year.

Planning and Strategy

You have to have a strategy in order to generate traffic. Anyone can build a sleek online presence. But if no one goes to visit it, what difference does it make? You have to plan your approach to literally everything from categories to your content. You can’t just wander into a plan or throw something against the wall and see if it sticks. You need to have a clear plan for yourself, your product, and your service.


SEO fundamentals are a non-negotiable. Don’t be like the bulk of those who attempt to make money online and think SEO Packs and Title Tags are going to get you there because they won’t. There is no substitute for learning the basics of SEO. If you don’t, you can’t command and pull in hoards of traffic. It’s just that simple.

Keywords and Site Construction

These are two pieces of the puzzle. You must target your audience or you’ll end up with no traffic at all. The internet is loaded with sites and content. Yours must have some direct appeal to specific audiences or you’ll end up very alone.

Site construction is more than just how your site feels or how it looks. You have to structure the site well. Foundations like menu’s and content etc. must be easy to navigate.

Content Marketing

Content marketing requires images, blogging, video and social media engagement. There is no way around it. If you want to be successful when making money on the internet, then you have to use these. And here’s a tip a lot of people miss: if you educate people instead of trying to sell them something, you’ll increase your traffic. Once you cross over to educating, you’re now a valuable commodity unto yourself rather than just being more “noise.”

Conversion Efficiency

The making money online world is touted by a lot of gurus who are really just scamming you to make money, but this is the one place where they’re actually telling you the truth.

This is your follow-up, and it’s critical. During follow-up, or permission based email marketing, the bulk of your traffic becomes a customer. Solid calls to action, sales pages, and Aweber (or Get Response) are your friends here.

Shiny Thing SyndromeStop buying with wild abandon

The big problem many new to the idea of making money online suffer from is the “shiny thing syndrome.” Everything they encounter, they buy because they want to know the secret to success. Here’s the thing: the real keys to success aren’t shiny or new. So if you’re looking at something shiny and new, don’t be lured into parting with your cash. The bottom line when it comes to making money online is this: authority and content will yield trust. And that trust will serve you.

You have to put in the time—and making money online is time consuming—but you can be successful without buying the shiny new thing the gurus are offering.  You just have to apply the fundamentals and resist distractions.

To learn more about all of this in easy to follow step-by-step detail, download my free – with absolutely nothing held back – Online Success Complete Cash Blueprint.

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