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5 Ways to Make Money with Twitter


Make Money with Twitter

Are you a fan of Twitter? Do you tweet often and follow those who do? Maybe you've been wondering how to make money with Twitter. If you have, your idea isn't novel by any stretch of the imagination. Many ‘would be earners’ on the internet have been trying to figure out ways of making money with Twitter since it's inception back in 2006. However, as with any kind of social media platform, there are those who simply wonder how to make money with Twitter, and those who succeed—just as some have figured out how to monetize Facebook successfully. If you want a successful social media marketing campaign, then considering that Twitter has over 200 million active users engaging in it's platform every month, It really is an essential piece of the social media pie that you really can’t afford to sweep under the carpet.

Certainly one of the great things about using Twitter to make money online is that you don’t have to come up with blog posts like this. Twitter is instead about succinct statements and getting followers. How do you get followers? You must be compelling and reach out to people. You don’t make money with Twitter by tweeting about your own services, products, or website. It’s not about tweeting links to marketing sites. Instead you need to learn to harness this powerful social platform and to make it work for you.

Like a blog, you want to focus your Twitter account on something engaging, interesting, and universal. Maybe you’re a parent, so your Twitter account is focused on parenting and children. Or maybe you are an online education expert—student or teacher. Perhaps your niche is making money online. Whatever your niche is, be focused, interesting, and consistent in your tweeting.

Making Money With Twitter

Next, you want to amass followers. You want to have as many followers as you can attract. The more followers you have the better because as people re-tweet your tweets, then their followers may begin following you as well.

Where does the making money part come from? The same place it does when you blog: advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored links. Try MyLkes, Ad.ly, Sponsored Tweets, Twittad platform and RevTwt. These are services that can help you monetize your Twitter account.Your tweets can include links to things people who are interested in your niche would want to see, which is a great way to be a useful social media connection without having to constantly create fresh content out of thin air.

MyLkes is platform for use with blogs, YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter. You get to select your ads and schedule the timing of their tweets. Your payout is weekly and you can make as much as $.42 per click.

Ad.ly works in a similar way: you tweet out advertisements. But rather than a pay-per-click system, you are paid in a lump sum by meeting your contracted number of tweets on a specific schedule. You choose your ads based on your interests, and advertisers select you to broadcast their ad campaign.

Sponsored Tweets puts you in the driver’s seat because you can choose your own pay-per-click rate. You select the ads, and your choices are updated routinely. However, you cannot sign up until your account is at least two months’ old, you have made 100 tweets and have a minimum of 50 followers.

Twittad platform is a spot that allows you to set your own pricing. It is pay-per-click, but you bid and then advertisers select you. You will need to state your niche so that advertisers with matching products can choose you. As soon as you have $30 in your account, you’re paid instantly through PayPal.

Rev Twt is based through Twitter and offers a pay-per-click schedule. You’ll do better with more followers and a higher reputation. This gives you the opportunity to access campaigns that pay more. You are paid through PayPal anytime your account balance reaches $20.

Other ways to monetise Twitter include setting your own rates and selling direct sponsored tweets, selling banner ads on your profile page, charging for the access to your list of followers, and even setting a fee to send a personal message to your followers. Remember, the larger your following, the more money-making opportunity there is for you. Pay-per-click advertising can be a lucrative avenue if you have a large enough audience.

Need a larger audience? Then get hooked up with Manage Flitter, where you can ‘bulk’ follow and un-follow unlimited followers per day, (although only 100 recommended), you can also search for ‘niche’ related followers, power post your tweets, and analyse all your twitter account information in much more detail. Want to get started? Get your free trial today.

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