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Affiliate Marketing – 17 Myths Busted



Affiliate Marketing Myths Busted

Like most things internet-related, there are lots of myths out there surrounding affiliate marketing. Separating the myth from fact can be a challenge, even for the more experienced marketer. Therefore, without further adieu, here are 17 of the most common affiliate marketing myths debunked.

Myth 1: Advertising equals affiliate marketing.

Although advertising and affiliate marketing share some traits, the latter is about endorsing a product or service to people connected to you in a network, as well as growing a network. Advertising is more brand-focused and is generally what we see more of on the T.V. for example.

Myth 2: Affiliate Marketing requires a Tech Person for success.

In reality, no tech skills are required to utilise affiliate marketing. Setting up a website is getting easier all the time, and tutorials are plentiful online.

However, you do need writing and marketing skills to be successful.

Myth 3: Spam equals affiliate marketing.

Spam is not tolerated by even one affiliate marketing program considered trustworthy. While very popular, high paying programs may have thousands of affiliates whose presence makes it seem as though the program is spam because of its concentrated presence, all affiliate marketing programs have stipulations in place to govern how you are to endorse products. Your growing double opt-in list will ensure you are never accused of spam delivery.

Myth 4: Passive income is there for the taking.

Passive income is a misnomer. By the time a site begins earning “passive income,” its owner has worked for many months for nothing.

Myth 5: Affiliate Marketing Programs are the modern day way to “get rich quick”

Very few things involving making money are quick and affiliate marketing is certainly in that category. When you are striking out into the practice of affiliate marketing, it is slow going. You have to build a list and show people you are trustworthy. Your reputation does not spring up overnight. While there are some affiliate marketing success stories, they are much like the outrageously successful outliers of any field. By educating yourself in the finer points of affiliate marketing, you can earn enough to live comfortably or even very well. But you must learn the ropes and build relationships. Further, you must be flexible in the ever-swaying winds of the market.

Myth 6: The existence of affiliate marketing ensures traffic.

The old saying, ‘if it were easy, everyone would do it’ applies here. There are lots of websites someone painstakingly built that never get any traffic. The website building is simply one step of many in order to successfully affiliate market.

Myth 7: If you’ve seen one affiliate marketing program, you’ve seen them all.

They aren’t all the same. There is a lot of variety among programs. Structure and payout practices are just two of the ways these programs differ greatly. For example, a program may be multi-level or not. Likewise, one program may pay only after a purchase is made, while another pays as soon as the ad is clicked.

Myth 8: It’s a hard business to break into.

Affiliate marketing is simple to break into for anyone with a solid work ethic and patience.

Myth 9: This is a cut and paste job that runs itself.

Many failures in this niche are due solely to this myth. Like any other business endeavor, successful affiliate marketers’ work hard and exercise patience while they wait for their efforts to pay off.

It takes time to create sites, build lists, drive traffic to your site, develop and launch marketing campaigns, and establish yourself as an expert.

Myth 10: Physical products are the key to success.

Intangible or virtual products and personal services are just as lucrative as physical products. In many cases more so!

Myth 11: You’re just looking for one good program.

Like most realms of life, multiple income streams provide the most security and success. Ask any financial advisor and they will tell you that the most financially secure people have multiple sources of income rather than reliance on a single source of funds. What if the program you chose closes its doors? All of your hard work is gone with it.

Myth 12: I can never have too many affiliate programs.

Don’t confuse #11 with thinking that you should sign up for as many programs as possible. You can only work so many programs. That number should be your limit. Each program needs its own stand alone site, as well as a plethora of marketing materials. Begin with a single program and move forward until you have reached your limit in terms of time investment or desired profit level.

Myth 13: Make your site popular and it always will be.

Google’s algorithms are getting more sophisticated all the time. Thus, a popular site still has to be tweaked, updated, and improved to stay popular.

Myth 14: I don’t have to spend my own money to make lots of money if I join a free affiliate marketing program.

Some of the promotion activities you will need to do are indeed free. You may get a decent return on those, but likely not enough to pay all of your bills and live extremely well. The marketers who are pulling down incomes in the six-figures are also spending money. What’s that old saying? ‘You’ve got to spend money to make money’? It holds true here too.

High income marketers pay out of their own pockets for programs like Google Adwords and pay per click advertising. There are costs of doing business, even online.

Myth 15: Certain products just won’t make money on affiliate marketing.

Passion sells like nothing else. You will make more money with something you believe in than something you are just marketing for a quick buck.

Myth 16: Affiliate marketing is overrun. I can’t make money.

Sure, there are thousands using affiliate marketing to earn their living. In any industry there is competition. But learning the ropes of SEO and chosen products you’re personally passionate about will be your two best gifts in this game.

Myth 17: It’s too hard for the average person.

Some experts in the business want people to be intimidated by affiliate marketing because that drives newbies to their expensive coaching programs. Save your hard-earned cash to invest in your own marketing business and do some research. The more you educate yourself, the better prepared you are to be an affiliate marketer.

Once you know the facts about affiliate marketing and SEO, you will be more than ready to start your own venture. There is room in the business for those willing to learn, to work, and to wait!

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